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Women Umpires

NCF has a strong mandate for development of women in cricket. One major step towards that is to have more women umpires and scorers so that they are active in the cricket circuit apart from their own games.

Right now, we have four active women umpires. Bijeyata and Pooja started in the 2020 season and have now stood for more than 30 matches each. From their personal experience in 2020, they had realized how standing at the center of a cricket ground helped their game as well as overall integration in the cricket community. So before the 2021 season the women who aspired to be umpires, got together and started working towards that. 

Through the stage 1 umpiring course and guidance from the dommer committee, two more women umpires were inducted in 2021. Sneha Pandit and Paridhi Agarwal were active in the youth series and have stood for four and three games respectively this year. All these women are eager to develop further as umpires and contribute to developing more women umpires. Contact any of them for more information if you are interested to start umpiring.

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