Meld deg på vårt nyhetsbrev for nyheter om cricket
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NCF Women's Competition

A new Women's Cricket Competition is being launched to help develop the game further in Norway. The competition will focus on participation and getting as many players involved during matches.

The format will be non-traditional:


  • 10 Players on a team
  • Batting will be done in pairs and each pair will bat for 4 Overs (Maximum 20 Overs per team)
  • Batting team will begin on a score of 100
  • 5 runs deducted for every wicket lost
  • Each pair batting has a power play of 2 Overs
  • Bowlers can bowl maximum 3 Overs (This encourages minimum seven bowlers to be involved) 
  • All wides and no balls will count as 2 runs to the team's total and the balls will not be repeated apart from the last over of the last pair batting, where six legitimate balls must be delivered
  • All no balls will result in a Free Hit
  • Tied matches will involve a Bowl Out

Any clubs that currently have Women's teams are encouraged to get involved and help support the competition and spread the game!

For more information about the competition and to secure your club's place, please contact Shaz Khan on or 468 11 943.

Shaz Khan - Director of Cricket